Certificate in Languages and Cultures of North Africa


Program Director:
Pascale B├ęcel, Chair, Department of Modern Languages - becelp@fiu.edu

Certificate Description: The Certificate in Languages and Cultures of North Africa provides students with a broad knowledge, giving them cultural keys for a better understanding of the Arab World in its global interactions. One cannot really understand a culture without being exposed to the languages that are shaping it and one cannot really understand the political dynamics of Arab societies without knowing their cultural foundations. An expertise in Arabic language and/or French is the cornerstone of the certificate. It is designed with an interdisciplinary and transnational perspective, taking into account the complex dynamics between North Africa and the Arab diaspora in Europe and in the US. With a particular emphasis on languages and culture, the certificate exposes students to North Africa through history, political science, gender studies, diaspora studies, literature and cinema.

The program is only available to degree-seeking students.

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Required credits: The Certificate in Languages and Cultures of North Africa requires a total of 21 credits (for students with no prior knowledge of the selected language) or a minimum of 18 credits (for students with prior knowledge of the selected language) and includes the following:

a) Core Language Requirement: Four semester sequence of language: (12 credits maximum to count toward the Certificate). If students test out of some portion of this requirement, then they must complete additional credits as approved by the Certificate Director.

ARA 1130 Arabic I
ARA 1131 Arabic II
ARA 2200 Intermediate Arabic
ARA 2240 Intermediate Arabic Conversation


FRE 1130 French I
FRE 1131 French II
FRE 2200 Intermediate French
FRE 2241 Intermediate French Conversation

b) Additional Core Requirements: (6 credits)

ABT 3502 Arab Literatures and Cultures in Global Perspective -GL
ABT 3503 Arabic Language and Culture

c) Elective Courses: (3 credits)

INR 4082 Islam in International Relations
Other options may be accepted with approval of Program Director.