Professional Certificate in Spanish Language

Maida Watson, Director, Modern Languages

Certificate Description: The Professional Certificate in Spanish Language provides degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students the necessary language skills for designated professional purposes such as business, healthcare, hospitality, and translation, increasing their intercultural competencies to be prepared for success in a global economy.

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I. Required Courses: The following sequences are required except for students who demonstrate an equivalent language proficiency through examination.

For non-heritage speakers, the following sequence is advised:

SPN 2201 Intermediate Spanish II (Non-native speakers) 3


SPN 3301 Review Grammar/Writing 3

For heritage speakers, the following sequence is advised:

SPN 2340 Intermediate Spanish for Native Speakers 3


SPN 3443 Advanced Spanish for Native Speakers 3

II. Elective Courses: With program advisor’s approval, 12 credits may be taken from the following list. This is a partial list. Students should consult the certificate advisor regarding additional courses that may be submitted.

SPN 3010 Language Skills for Professional Personnel 3
SPN 3031 Intermediate Spanish for Medical Personnel 3
SPN 3401 Advanced Conversation 3
SPN 3410 Advanced Oral Communication 3
SPN 3413 Communication Arts 3
SPN 3422 Advanced Grammar and Composition I 3
SPN 3440 Spanish Business Composition/Correspondence 3
SPN 3444 Spanish for Business in Latin America 3
SPN 4520 Latin America American Culture - GL course 3
SPN 4500 Spanish Culture 3
SPN 4521 Topics on Latin American Culture 3
SPT 4803 Practica in Legal Translation 3
SPT 4804 Practica in Legal Interpretation 3
SPT 4805 Translation in Communication Media 3
SPT 4807 Practica in Business Translation 3
SPT 4809 Practica in Medical Translation 3
SPT 4830 Interpreting for Business 3