Professional Language Certificate Program

Maida Watson, Professor of Spanish, Modern Languages

Certificate Description: The Professional Language Certificate is a fifteen-credit course of study designed to offer degree and non-degree seeking students, specialization in foreign languages applicable to various professional endeavors. The certificate program is divided into separate tracks specified by language and application.

For all students, the certificate represents a way to gain specialized language knowledge, For students pursuing a degree, the certificate should be understood as a complement to the student's major area of study. Total Credit Required in One Track: 15 semester hours. A grade of "C" or better is required for all courses (C- is not acceptable).

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Spanish for Business Track:

Prerequisite Courses: Before entering the certificate program, the student must have completed the following course or demonstrated an equivalent language proficiency through examination.

SPN 2200 Intermediate Spanish 3

(Non-native speakers)

I. Required Courses: At least 15 semester hours of courses from the following certificate program course listing, or others approved by the certificate program advisor.

SPN 2201 Intermediate Spanish II (Non-native speakers) 3


SPN 2340 Intermediate Spanish for Native Speakers 3
SPN 3301 Review Grammar/Writing (Non-native speakers) 3


SPN 2341 Accelerated Intermediate Spanish for Native Speakers 3
SPN 3440 Spanish Business Composition/Correspondence* (GL Course) 3

II. Elective Courses: With program advisor’s approval, a maximum of 6 credits may be taken from the following lists, with no more than 3 credits from Section A and 3 credits from Section B. This is a partial list: depending upon specific course content, other courses in International Business, Finance, Marketing, etc., may apply. Students consult the certificate advisor regarding additional courses.

Section A (maximum of 3 credits)

SPN 3422 Advanced Grammar and Composition I 3
SPN 4520 Spanish American Culture 3
SPN 4500 Spanish Culture 3
SPT 4807 Practica in Business Translation 3

Section B (maximum of 3 credits)

ECS 3402 The Political Economy of South America 3
ECS 3403 Economics of Latin America 3
FIN 4604 International Financial Management 3
MAN 4600 International Management 3
MAN 4660 Business in Latin America 3

* Global Learning (GL)