Certificate in Translation Studies



  • Bilingual proficiency or remedial courses
  • 60 credits or equivalent work experience

Core Courses (required for both certificates)

  • SPT 3800 Foundations of Translation
  • SPT 3812 Foundations of Interpreting

Core Courses plus

Required Program Courses (Choose five)

  • SPT 4803 Legal Translation*
  • SPT 4805 Translation in Communication Media
  • SPT 4807 Business Translation
  • SPT 4808 Technical Translation
  • SPT 4809 Medical Translation
  • SPT 4820 Computer-Assisted Translation
  • SPT 4833 Advanced Medical Translation
  • SPT 4941 Professional T/I Internship

GENERAL ELECTIVES (Choose two) — Each certificate also requires two (2) approved upper-level courses in related fields (Business, Social Sciences, Legal Studies, etc.). Credit for previous university work may apply.

*SPN 4802, SPT 4803, and SPT 4813 count towards both certificates.

*Program requirements and offerings may be modified in the future.