Certificate in Translation & Interpretation

Erik Camayd-Freixas, Director
DM 499; (305) 348-6222; camayde@fiu.edu

This undergraduate academic certificate program is designed to provide the theoretical basis, skills, techniques, and practical experience to prepare students for the field of Translation & Interpreting (English <-> Spanish). The Core Courses cover business practices, work opportunities, and ways of entering the profession, as well as the ethics, standards of practice, techniques, and methods of career development in the field. All courses provide extensive practice in all modes of translation and interpretation.

Students must be fully bilingual in English and Spanish to start the program. There is no entrance or placement exam. Bilingual and advanced language students are encouraged to register directly in the Core Courses, and then decide if they wish to apply for the certificate program. Depending on the student’s performance in the Core Courses, the instructor may advise students to take one or more Prerequisites, in order to strengthen their weaker language, before taking more advanced courses in Translation & Interpretation.

The certificate program consists of 18 semester credit hours. These same 18 credits may also count as electives for the Spanish major for students pursuing a B.A. in Spanish. In addition, regardless what the student’s major may be, 12 of those credits also fulfill the requirements for the Minor in Translation Studies.


Core Courses: (Take both - Offered every Spring and Fall semesters - 6 credits)

SPT 3800 Foundations of Translation 3
SPT 3812 Foundations of Interpreting 3

Required Courses (Select any 4 courses - Offered every other year - 12 credits)

SPT 4803 Legal Translation 3
SPT 4804 Legal Interpretation 3
SPT 4805 Translation in Communication Media 3
SPT 4806 Oral Skills for Interpreters 3
SPT 4807 Business Translation 3
SPT 4808 Technological Translation 3
SPT 4809 Medical Translation 3
SPT 4813 The Interpreter and Language 3
SPT 4814 Conference Interpreting 3
SPT 4820 Computer Aided Translation 3
SPT 4940 Judicial T&I Internship 3
SPT 4941 Professional T&I Internship 3
SPT 4942 Medical Interpreting 3