Chinese is one of the most useful languages in the world today. It is the common language for Greater China (China, Taiwan, HK, Macao and Singapore) with ¼ of the world's population. It is also one of the 5 official languages of the United Nations, and one of the 7 languages that the Department of State has determined to be critical to the national security.

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FIU is proud to be one of few institutions in South Florida to offer a range of courses in Chinese. The Department of Modern Languages does not currently offer a degree in Chinese. However, the credits earned will fulfill the requirements to receive a Certificate in Chinese Studies, a Certificate in Asian Studies and/or Bachelor’s of Arts in Asian Studies offered through the Institute for Asian Studies. For more information, please click here

Chinese: Your passport to new career opportunities

Today, China is a new star in the global economy; it is both the "world factory" and one of the largest markets. The stunning development in China creates an opportunity of a lifetime for the young generation. If you have missed the Japanese surge in the 80's, you don't definitely want to miss this one!

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China is Florida's largest trade partner in the world outside of Latin America, and Florida is the biggest transshipment base for Chinese products to Latin America. These business activities have naturally stimulated need for local professionals to learn Chinese.

American industry leaders have long been involved in the business world in China. These firms need business-savvy US managers with knowledge of Chinese language and culture. Interestingly, there is a trend for Chinese companies to hire foreign managers and put them in important positions.

All of these facts provide great opportunities for American professionals especially for new MBAs to start their careers at a relatively high level. Language, however, is the key to these opportunities.

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Chinese: Your access to new knowledge and fun in life

China is a mysterious nation with one of the oldest & richest cultures. Mastering the Chinese language, you will find yourself understanding a different world, broadening your vision and knowledge, and giving you a new way of thinking and new access to alternatives.

There is a lot of fun in learning the language. Chinese culture has 5000 years of history, so you will always find a Chinese subject that interests you, such as Kung Fung, calligraphy, the various regional styles, martial arts, Chinese philosophy, Chinese food, maybe even an actual trip to the "Middle Kingdom" eventually (for more information on China study abroad, see section "Study Abroad" on the main page), and of course touring in China is fun as well.

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In China, you will often find yourself at the center of attention, as Chinese are generally a curious and hospitable people. This creates additional opportunities if you are entrepreneurial-oriented. There have been many cases that foreign entrepreneurs found ways to become successful in this rapidly growing nation due to their different backgrounds.

HSK Test & Support from China

In response to the demand for learning Chinese, FIU has signed an Agreement with Chinese Ministry of Education, under which:

  • FIU is one of the 41 U.S. testing centers for HSK test (i.e. Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi). HSK is the official Chinese test that is required for university scholarships and in some cases employment decisions for foreign nationals in China. Please contact Dr. Li Ma for registration information. For details on HSK, please click here
  • China has donated 1,000 books and CDs to FIU. They will also import discounted textbooks for our students.
  • FIU is negotiating with large enterprises in China to sponsor a Scholarship for FIU students to learn Chinese and complete their required internship at prestigious companies in China.

Course Offerings

Either to meet the foreign language requirement for your degree program, or to obtain a Certificate in Chinese Studies/Asian Studies, you can enroll in the following courses offered by two of our full-time faculty members: As an optional language at FIU with 3-5 credits for each course, Chinese is taught in several levels.

5-credit courses:

  • Chinese I
  • Chinese II

3-credit courses:

  • Intermediate Chinese I
  • Intermediate Chinese II
  • Intermediate Chinese Conversation
  • Advanced Chinese I
  • Chinese Literature and Cinema

Summer Study Abroad Program (open to Honors College students as well):

  • Chinese Language and Culture (3 credits)
  • Business Chinese (3 credits)

To receive more information about the Chinese classes, please contact the Department of Modern Languages at (305) 348-2851 or email Dr. Ma Li at, Chinese Language Instructor, for more information on language courses, culture courses and/or summer study abroad program.