Language and Culture Courses:

CHI 1130 Chinese I (5). Provides introduction to the Chinese language. Focuses on all four aspects of language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), with an emphasis on the former two.

CHI 1131 Chinese II (5). A continuation of CHI 1130. Focuses on vocabulary and sentences that are more complex yet practical for daily use.

CHI 2200 Intermediate Chinese (3). Provides intermediate training in the application of the language. Prerequisites: One year prior study at college level or permission of the instructor.

CHI 2201 Intermediate Chinese II (3). A continuation of CHI 2200. Students at the end of this course will have completed the language aspect of the requirement for the Certificate in Chinese Studies, and are able to speak and read Chinese at the intermediate level. Prerequisites: CHI 2200 or permission of the instructor.

CHI 3410 Advanced Chinese I (3). This course is not offered on a regular basis. However, when offered, all four language skills of the students are polished in this class in preparation for personal and professional enhancement.

CHI 3400 Intermediate Chinese Conversation (3). Students focus on honing their conversational and presentational skills. Topics include buy may not be limited to Chinese idioms, food, music, politics and entertainment in China.

CHI 4930 Special Topics (3). Topics will be selected to meet academic needs for students doing research on Chinese language.

CHI 4930 Special Topics: Chinese Literature and Cinema (3). This course introduces the modern literature and contemporary cinemas of mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong by focusing on influential works that received the most critical acclaim internationally. By studying a wide range of key literary and filmic texts, you will see how literature and film have become social expressions during the 20th century.

Summer Study Abroad Course:

CHI 3440 Business Chinese (3). Introduces the culture, economy, and commerce of present-day China. Emphasis will be placed on various business situational dialogues and communicative writing.

CHT 3502 Chinese Culture and Society (3). To give students successful knowledge and well-rounded understanding of the culture and society in China. Lecture will focus in topics such as business, history, sociology, and traditional culture.