Introduction to Japan

Japanese is spoken by an estimated 130 million native speakers, and is approximately the 9th most spoken language in the world. Japan has the second largest economy in the world by GDP standards, and is currently the only Asian country in the G8 forum.

In the fields of technology and scientific research, Japan is one of the leading nations in the world, producing and using more than half of the world’s robotic technology, and up until recently was the largest producer of automobiles in the world.

With its strong business presence in the U.S., along with long running and well-established trade and communication networks, students of the Japanese language have access to many opportunities in international business and relations.

Alongside its modern achievements, Japan is well known for the preservation of its rich cultural heritage. Expressed through classical texts and modern popular culture, they key to unlocking the door to Japan and gaining a deeper understanding lies in learning its language.

Image: japan.jpg