NEW! Spanish Civil War Class now offered fully online (Summer B)

Cultural Representations of the Spanish Civil War
SPW 4930-RVBB (56073) - Special Topics
SPN 5515-RVBB (56008) - Spanish Civil War Culture
Summer B – Fully online

The Spanish Civil War (1936-39), a national conflict with international significance, inspired responses from artists and writers on both sides of the Atlantic. This course explores those representations as the foundational trauma on which Spanish modernity is based. We will analyze texts written during or after the war and consider how Spaniards represent in writing or on the screen a reality marked by trauma and radicalism, both of which work toward defining, at times in extreme ways, national identity. Prerequisites: Advanced knowledge of Spanish is required to all students (regardless of the section in which they are registered). The class will be conducted entirely in Spanish.

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