Dr. Camayd invited to give talk at the University of Arizona

Dr. Erik Camayd-Freixas was invited to give a guest lecture on his new Pulitzer-nominated book, titled "U.S. Immigration Reform and Its Global Impact" at the University of Arizona. In his book, Professor Camayd provides an insider’s view, as a federally-certified interpreter, of the policies and procedures of U.S. immigration enforcement and detention. Camayd-Freixas unravels the post-9/11 national security agenda that led to the devastating Postville Raid of 2008 and its global ramifications. The incisive historical analysis unveils the hidden ideologies within immigration policy, uncovering forms of labor, demographic, and electoral control. Eyewitness accounts from across the political spectrum provide a humanistic perspective of labor migration in the era of globalization, as well as an analysis of human mobility to convey practical and historical lessons for immigration reform.

Dr. Camayd with University of Arizona students