Professor Renée Silverman Receives Prestigious NEH Award

A Lyric Revival: the Avant-Garde, Popular, and Traditional in Spanish Poetry (1925-1936) analyzes the entwining of the popular with the vanguard in the so-named Generations of 1925 and 1927, as a response to Spain’s felt need to readdress cultural memory, and to modernize conceptions of national and regional identity in relation to this cultural memory. This book challenges the idea that the avant-garde must oppose the recuperation of the collective past: in contrast with the first avant-garde’s “forgetting” in the form of cosmopolitanism, the synthesis between the popular and the vanguard achieved by the Generations of 1925 and 1927 had a positive effect on the reassessment of cultural memory and identity. Three poets of these generations, G. Diego, R. Alberti, and F. Lorca, led the way to the rediscovery of the common past by accessing Spain’s rich popular forms of poetic expression, melding them with the technical and aesthetic advances made by the previous avant-garde wave.

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