New Orleans Alternative Spring Break: Organizing with the Fight for $15

Session A: March 10 - 15th
Session B: March 13 - 18th

• Be a part of a live campaign - what the New York Times has dubbed the “the largest labor uprising since the late 1920s”. Join a movement with working people across the nation, standing up for dignity on the job, and a wage the allows them proper nutrition, safe, livable housing, access to healthcare and education, and a brighter future for their families.

• Share skills with students from campuses across the country! Swap skills with students who have won concrete campaigns! Learn how to build campus coalition, turn out people to events, master organizing conversations, and more! Don’t have a campaign you’re currently working on? We’ll help you kick-start something on campus!

• Explore one of the country's most wondrous cities with cool leaders interconnected in the global movement for justice! Amazing Music? Cultural Exploration! Action!

• Need help getting there? We’re happy to provide fundraising support, connections to carpools, and information about need-based scholarships! Register for a fundraising training here! Apply for a need-based scholarship here.

• Lodging and meals are provided with your sliding scale conference fee! Cost: $275 for all expenses on site (food, lodging, etc.). *Does not include travel to New Orleans

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