Congratulations to Dr. Renée Silverman

Congratulations to Dr. Renée Silverman on her recent co-edited volume titled Mediterranean Modernism: Intercultural Exchange and Aesthetic Development.

Mediterranean Modernism explores how Modernist movements all across the Mediterranean basin differed from Modernism per se, which is often conceived either in terms of specific national traditions or as a broad and vaguely defined international phenomenon—one that usually but not always ends up being limited to Northern or Western Europe, or a set of cosmopolitan cities. The collected chapters show how the political and economic turmoil of a period marked by world war, revolution, decolonization, nationalism and the rapid advance of new technologies forced artists, writers and other intellectuals to create a new hybrid Mediterranean Modernist aesthetic which sought to balance the tensions between local and foreign, tradition and innovation, the colonial and the postcolonial.

For a copy of the book, please visit the publisher's website at Palgrave Macmillan or