Nicola Gavioli

Nicola Gavioli

Assistant Professor of Portuguese

Office: DM 482A


  • Ph.D., Hispanic Languages and Literatures – emphasis in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies; 2011. University of California, Santa Barbara, 2011.
  • Laurea in Foreign Languages and Literatures (cum laude) – emphasis in Comparative Literature with specialization in Portuguese Language and Literature; 2004. University of Bologna, Italy.

Research interests:

  • Brazilian 20th and 21st centuries literature
  • Memory Studies, War, and Witness Literature
  • Brazilian Cinema
  • Human rights and activism in contemporary Brazilian culture
  • Disability in Brazilian literature and cinema
  • Queer culture

Select Publications


  • Co-edited with Vinicius Mariano de Carvalho, Activist Writing: Ethics and Literature in Contemporary Brazil. (In progress)

Book chapters

  • Maré vermelha and maré-baixa: Queer Brazilian Culture in Times of Rampant Homophobia.” In progress.
  • “Mythicizing Disability: The Life and Opinions of (what is left of) Estamira.” In: Libre Acceso. Ed. Susan Antebi and Beth E. Jörgensen. (accepted and forthcoming). SUNY.

Selected Articles

  • Techne, Destruction, and Enchantment in João Guimarães Rosa and Giuseppe Bonaviri.” In progess.
  • “Bioethical Issues in Contemporary Brazilian Culture: Euthanasia and Literature.” (In progress)
  • “Picking at Knots: Untangling Depression in As fúrias da mente by Teixeira Coelho.” Submitted to ‘BrasilBrazil - A Journal of Brazilian Literature.’
  • “Contemporary Nonfiction Writing on Catastrophe. Marco Paolini’s Ausmerzen and Daniela Arbex’s Holocausto brasileiro.” ‘Chasqui-revista de literatura latinoamericana’ (accepted and forthcoming).
  • “Na sala de edição: ‘Mãe judia, 1964’ de Moacyr Scliar.” Estudos de literatura brasileira contemporânea. 43. ‘Literatura e ditadura.’ (2014): 99-110. Print.
  • “Archeology of a Delirium: Machado de Assis and Giacomo Leopardi.” Espelho: Revista Machadiana 14/15 2008-09 (published 2012): 7-17. Print.
  • “A Poetic System Against the Abyss: Fernando Pessoa’s Heteronyms and Kierkegaard’s Concept of Anxiety.” Revista Letras. Paraná (Brazil) 82 2010 (published 2011): 237-246. Print.
  • Gavioli, Nicola. “Sebald’s Still Life Devices against Interpretations: an Explanation of Austerlitz through Cortazar’s and Antonioni’s Cameras.” Mester 36 (2007): 109-122. Print.


  • FIU Latin American and Caribbean Center. Award for new course development. ($ 2,500). Fall 2013.
  • National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Summer Seminar “Brazilian Literature: Twentieth-Century Urban Fiction” 2013 Participant Award. São Paulo, Brazil. Summer 2013.

Honors and awards

  • Co-Recipient (with my colleagues of Portuguese at FIU) of the Outstanding Institution Promoting Portuguese Language AOTP Annual Brazilian International Press Awards. 2012, 2014, and 2015
  • Nominated by the UCSB Spanish and Portuguese Department for the Outstanding Graduate Student Central Award. University of California Santa Barbara. 2010.
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award 2009 (University of California Santa Barbara. Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

Current Research Projects

  • Bildungsroman in Brazilian literature
  • Ethics, human rights, and literature