Dr. Joan Torres-Pou publishes new book | Publicación del nuevo libro del Dr. Joan Torres-Pou

Asia en la España del siglo XIX

Literatos, viajeros, intelectuales y diplomáticos ante Oriente. Joan Torres-Pou


Rodopi: Amsterdam/New York, NY 2013. 218 pp. (Foro Hispánico 46)

Recent approaches to literature have studied the influence of Asian arts and cultures in nineteenth century Western literature. Following this line of research, Asia en la España del siglo XIX: literatos, viajeros, intelectuales y diplomáticos ante Oriente examines texts which have received little attention and sheds light on issues of Spanish culture, colonial discourse and politics in Middle and Far East Asia. It includes readings of literary works by writers such as Juan Valera and José Rizal, as well as studies on wartime chronicles and travel accounts. The diversity of topics, historical periods, genres, and political ideologies examined underline the unusual and difficult position of Spanish intellectuals, Spanish colonizers and Spanish colonial subjects in the face of dominant colonial politics and discourses and makes a significant and original contribution to the fields of Spanish Literature, History and Spanish Cultural Studies.

Joan Torres-Pou is Professor of Spanish and Spanish-American Literature at Florida International University. He is the author of the books El e[x]terno femenino. Aspectos de la representación de la mujer en la literature latinoamericana del siglo XIX, Aproximaciones a la narrativa femenina del diecinueve en Latinoamérica and editor of Orientalismos: Oriente y Occidente en la literatura y las artes de España e Hispanoamérica.