Boren Awards

The Boren African Languages Initiative targets students studying Portuguese or French and want to study abroad in a unique part of the world. Students studying French must be at an intermediate-high or above proficient and there is no language requirement for Portuguese. Through this initiative, Boren Scholars and Fellows will study their chosen language at the University of Florida in summer 2018 and then study Portuguese in Mozambique or French in Senegal during the fall 2018 semester.

For a full explanation of the African Flagship Languages Initiative, including information on the domestic overseas programs, please go to In addition to Portuguese, the African Flagship Languages Initiative is available for applicants interested in studying Aka/Twi, Swahili, Wolof or Zulu.

The national deadline for Boren Fellowships application is January 30. The national deadline for Boren Scholarships application is February 8.

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