Our service work to the county!

Congratulations to professors Nic Andre and Melissa Baralt, whose team’s work has been published in the Journal of Early Childhood Literacy: https:/journals.sagepub.comdoi/10.1177/14687984221093242. Over the course of three years, professors Andre and Baralt conducted focus groups with 92 families and then analyzed the data to inform the design of an early childhood literacy program. The Children’s Trust Book Club, funded by the Children’s Trust, aims to deliver a free book and parent psychoeducational material to all children in Miami-Dade County from birth through age five. The research identified critical facilitators and barriers that families face when it comes to finding opportunities to read with their children, as well as multilingual needs and book topics that they want for their children. This research will inform the design of the Children’s Trust Book Club moving forward. This team included two other FIU professors, Dr. Shayl Griffith and Dr. Daniel Bagner, both of CASE.