Jose Morcillo Gomez

Jose Morcillo Gomez

Assistant Teaching Professor of Spanish and Coordinator of the Spanish Dual Degree Program in Qingdao, China

Instagram: @fiuqucine


  • Ph.D.Florida International University, Spanish
  • M.A. Florida International University, Spanish
  • M.A. University of Granada, Speech Disorders
  • B.A. University of Granada, Education

Research foci

  • Language teaching methodologies
  • Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT)
  • TBLT applications in China
  • Technologies for language teaching and learning
  • Eye-tracking
  • Teachers' needs, teacher supports for the EFL context in Asia

In The News

China Daily, 2020: Florida students show support to China.

Community Engagement

- FIU-Qingdao University Cinema Club in Spanish: Cine Club

- FIU-Qingdao University Reading Club in Spanish: Club de Lectura

- Radio podcast in Spanish: SE HABLA ESPAÑOL

- Community manager of all FIU-QU Dual degree outlets in Spanish (Facebook, WeChat, WeChat Channel)


2019. Florence Yudith Teaching Award. Florida International University.


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