Post-Doctoral Fellows

Beatriz M. Marqués, Ph.D

Beatriz M. Marqués, Ph.D, Post-Doctorate Research Fellow

Dr. Beatriz M. Marqués is a scholar in women’s writing from the 19th and 20th century predominantly, with a special interest in transnational and transgenerational approaches to feminist theories and literatures. She holds a master’s degree in Spanish Literature and Language from the University of South Florida in Tampa as well as a master’s degree in Spanish from Florida International University. In addition, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish with a concentration in Psychology from the College at Brockport in Brockport New York. For over a decade Dr. Marqués has held various teaching positions at different universities, colleges and high schools across the nation including the University of South Florida and Brandon High School in Tampa, Florida, and Monroe Community College and College at Brockport in Rochester, New York. Dr. Marqués has taught and developed numerous Spanish classes from lower level to more advanced literature and cultural courses. She is particularly interested in developing Spanish for Special Purposes courses and more advanced and inclusive heritage and L1 focused classes using a variety of task-based language modalities applicable to face to face and online instruction. Her academic and teaching work has earned her many awards and commendations like Best Teaching Assistant Award, The Pablo Ruiz Orozco and Miguel Angel Quesada Memorial Scholarship, Ignacio and Sophie Galbis Award as well as the Doctoral Evidence Acquisition Fellowship and Doctoral Yearly Fellowship at Florida International University.

Alberto Sosa-Cabanas, Ph.D

Alberto Sosa-Cabanas, Ph.D, Post-Doctorate Research Fellow

Dr. Alberto Sosa is a scholar in Latin-American and Afro-Caribbean culture with an emphasis on the intersections between scientific racism and cultural production in Cuba. His academic work has received numerous awards and recognitions, including fellowship support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Cuban Heritage Collection, and the Cuban Research Institute. In his role as an instructor, Dr. Sosa is a leading figure in the field of curriculum reform for Spanish for Business, Spanish for Special Purposes and Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL).