Sigma Delta Pi at FIU

The National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society

Omega Zeta Chapter
Chapter Faculty Advisor: Marisa Filgueras-Gómez (


Foster friendly relations among undergraduate and graduate students interested in promoting the study of the Spanish language and culture, and reward outstanding students of Spanish within an exclusive society devoted to both maintaining academic excellence in Hispanic studies and supporting the Hispanic community and its flourishing culture.


Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society (La Sociedad Nacional Honoraria Hispánica), was established on November 14, 1919, at the University of California Berkeley. The Society’s insignia is the royal seal of Fernando and Isabel, representing Castilla, León and Aragón.

Sigma Delta Pi’s colors are red and gold, its flower is the red carnation.

Motto: Its motto is the Greek phrase “Spanías Didagéi Proágomen” meaning “Let’s go forth/continue forth under the teaching/guidance of the Spanish language.” For more information on Sigma Delta Pi history and mission you can check the

SDP Student Membership Requirements

Election to Sigma Delta Pi is based on a high level of attainment in the study of Spanish, a genuine interest in Hispanic culture, Literature and Linguistic. If accepted, the student must attend the initiation ceremony on Spring or Fall semesters. A one-time due charge of $25 includes certificate and pin. All active members must:

  • Have completed 3 semesters of college-level course work (eighteen semester credit hours).
  • Have completed at least two courses at the 3000-level, including one 3000-level course in Hispanic literature, Hispanic Linguistics and/or Hispanic culture and civilization. A student may be admitted to active membership while still enrolled in the second 3000-level course if all other requirements have been met and if the instructor of the course certifies that the student’s work is of “B” or “A” quality.
  • Have a minimal grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 point scale in all Spanish courses taken.

Disclaimer: The Chapter Omega Zeta of Sigma Delta Pi does not discriminate based on race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, or disability.

Graduate Students

Graduate students who have been unconditionally admitted to a degree-granting program may be elected to membership upon completion of two graduate courses in Spanish with an average which, if continued, will make them eligible for a graduate degree. Those who are already members of another chapter are requested to contact the chapter’s advisor, Prof. Marisa Filgueras-Gómez (

Member Benefits

To learn more about the benefits (Scholarships, Awards, and/or Networking) of being part of Sigma Delta Pi, please consult the information on the National Honor Society Webpage.

Please, direct any questions to Prof. Marisa Filgueras-Gómez in the Department of Modern Languages, 4th floor in DM.