Chinese Course Options

CHI 2200 (Intermediate Chinese I) (3). Provides intermediate training in the acquisition and application of basic language skills.

CHI 2201 (Intermediate Chinese II) (3). To improve students’ speaking, writing, listening, reading skills in Chinese. Students learn how to use useful expressions of experience and thought.

CHI 3400 (Intermediate Conversation) (3). Focuses on conversation. Topics include time, numbers, shopping, clothing, food, transportation, education, culture, etc.

CHI 3410 (Advanced Chinese 1) (3). Continuation of Intermediate Chinese II – beginning level of advanced training in the acquisition and application of four language skills in Chinese.

CHI 3440 (Business Chinese) (3). Introduces the culture, economy, and commerce of present-day China. Emphasis will be placed on various business situational dialogues and communicative writing.

CHI 4930 (Special Topics in Chinese) (3). Topics will be selected to meet academic needs for students doing research on Chinese Language. May be repeated with change of content.

CHT 3502 (Chinese Culture & Society) (3). To give students successful knowledge and well-rounded understanding of the culture and society in China. Lecture will focus in topics such as business, history, sociology, and traditional culture.


FOL 3940 Internship in Foreign Language (0-3). An option for students who wish to Minor or Major in a foreign language.

Academic Learning Compacts

The Board of Governors requires that every undergraduate program provide its students with academic learning outcomes and inform them of the program's mission. During the course of their studies, Global Languages, Cultures and Literatures majors must be aware that they will be required to take part in assessment activities.