German Course Options

GER 2200 (Intermediate German) (3). Provides basic intermediate training in the acquisition and application of basic language skills.

GER 2240 (German Intermediate Conversation) (3). This course is designed to help students maintain and increase their conversational ability in the language while unable to continue the regular sequence. May be repeated twice.

GER 2442 (Business German) (3). Designed to introduce students to German corporate culture and German language used in business settings.

GER 3420 (Review Grammar/Writing) (3). Practice in contemporary usage through selected readings in culture and civilization. Development of writing and speaking ability in extemporaneous contexts. The course will be conducted exclusively in the target language.

GER 3443 (Advanced Business German) (3). Introduces students to issues and vocabulary pertaining to German economy, industry, commerce, banking, environmental protection, etc.

GER 3503 (German Language and Culture Through Film) (3). Designed to strengthen students’ linguistic skills in German and to introduce them to modern German culture through film.

GER 4930 (Special Topics) (3). Independent readings, research, or project.

GET 3003 (German Culture and Society) (3). Designed to introduce students to Germany, its culture and society, geography and history.

GET 4560 (Berlin Then and Now) (3). Designed to introduce students to major social, cultural and architectural landmarks of Berlin and discuss the impact of social and political changes on the urban and cultural landscape of the city.


FOL 3940 Internship in Foreign Language (0-3). An option for students who wish to Minor or Major in a foreign language.

Academic Learning Compacts

The Board of Governors requires that every undergraduate program provide its students with academic learning outcomes and inform them of the program's mission. During the course of their studies, French and Francophone Studies majors must be aware that they will be required to take part in assessment activities.