Haitian Creole Course Options

HAI 2320: (Haitian Creole Reading & Composition I) (3). Online course for effective writing as a mean of communication to express ideas and to engage with multiple literacies. With a focus on techniques that help develop critical thinking skills.

HAI 3213 (Accelerated Haitian Creole) (3). Emphasis on oral skills, contemporary language, and culture.

HAI 3214 (Intermediate Accelerated Haitian Creole) (3). Builds on accelerated course by continuing and expanding communicative activities.

HAI 3204 (Introduction to Haitian Creole Translation) (3). Provides an in-depth introduction to Haitian Creole/English and English/Haitian Creole translation.

HAI 3205 (Haitian Creole Translation and Interpretation) (3). Continues the translated text analysis initiated in the Introduction to Haitian Creole Translation course and provides students with interpretation techniques for oral production.

HAI 3321 (Haitian: Creole Reading and Composition II) (3). Reinforces writing and grammar skills acquired in HAI 2320 and develops a more critical thinking ability for all types of literary and scientific texts.

HAI 3500 (Haiti: Language & Culture) (3). Provides, from a multidisciplinary perspective, a general understanding of the Haitian culture and language.


FOL 3940 Internship in Foreign Language (0-3). An option for students who wish to Minor or Major in a foreign language.

Academic Learning Compacts

The Board of Governors requires that every undergraduate program provide its students with academic learning outcomes and inform them of the program's mission. During the course of their studies, French and Francophone Studies majors must be aware that they will be required to take part in assessment activities.