Japanese Course Options

JPN 2200 (Intermediate Japanese I) (3). Provides intermediate training in the acquisition and application of basic language skills.

JPN 2201 (Intermediate Japanese II) (3). To help students maintain and further improve their speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills in Japanese in more complex situations. Students learn how to use useful expressions of experience and thought in advanced level of Japanese.

JPN 3000 (Japanese Caligraphy) (3). This course is designed to serve students interested in learning composition of Japanese Caligraphy. Students will learn Japanese Caligraphy in both traditional and contemporary contexts.

JPN 3140 (Japanese for Business) (3). A study of Japanese language in a context of Japanese business practices, values and customs.

JPN 3242 (Japanese Intermediate Conversation) (3). Complimentary course with Interm. JPN II. Provides conversation training for intermediate students through textbook dialogues, class discussions, and oral presentations.

JPN 3243 (Advanced Japanese Composition) (3). A writing-intensive course for advanced students. Provides composition training through analysis of of Japanese as used in newspapers and short stories. Prerequisite: JPN 2201.

JPN 3400 (Advanced Japanese I) (3). Continuation of Intermediate JPN II which provides the beginning level of advanced training in the acquisition and application and application of the language skills.

JPN 3401 (Advanced Japanese II) (3). Continuation of Advanced Japanese I which provides advanced training in the acquisition and application of the language skills.

JPN 3412 (Advanced Japanese Conversation) (3). Continuation of Intermediate Japanese Conversation. Provides conversation training for advanced students through debates, speeches, and discussion of Japanese newspapers.

JPN 3500 Japanese Culture & Society: GL (3). This course will examine Japanese culture, societal life, class and gender, and the way of the Samurai. It will explore not only the traditional arts but also current social concerns.

JPN 4930 (Special Topics in Japanese) (3). Topics will be selected to meet academic needs for studies doing research on Japanese language.


FOL 3940 Internship in Foreign Language (0-3). An option for students who wish to Minor or Major in a foreign language.

Academic Learning Compacts

The Board of Governors requires that every undergraduate program provide its students with academic learning outcomes and inform them of the program's mission. During the course of their studies, French and Francophone Studies majors must be aware that they will be required to take part in assessment activities.