Every semester students must obtain approval of course selections from their assigned advisor.

Graduation Requirements M.A.

  • To receive the M.A. degree in Spanish, a student must:
  • Complete all courses with a 3.0 GPA or higher, and receive a minimum grade of B in every course.
  • Upon completion of 27 graduate credits, students will have the option of writing a thesis (equivalent to six credits), or taking two more elective courses and writing a research paper. The thesis will be presented to an ad-hoc committee chosen by the student and her or his advisor.
  • Upon completion of 33 credits, the student will be required to take a written comprehensive examination, based on the Department's M.A. reading list. The exams must be passed with a minimum grade of B and they may not be taken more than twice.

Graduation Requirements Ph.D.

To receive the Ph.D. degree in Spanish, a student must:

  • Complete all courses with a graduate GPA of 3.0 or higher, and receive a minimum grade of B in every course.
  • Demonstrate a reading knowledge of a language other than Spanish and English, chosen from among German, Latin, Haitian Creole, or one of the Romance languages. This requirement may be satisfied by passing an examination or by taking and passing a second semester course or above in the chosen language. Language requirements must be satisfied before the student is admitted to the doctoral comprehensive examinations. The completion of the language requirement at another university does not exempt the student from the Florida International University requirement. Computer literacy is required for graduation. Students will have the opportunity to learn some basic computer skills in the course entitled Methods of Literary Research. In addition, students are encouraged to take any of the workshops periodically offered by Florida International University computer services.
  • Pass written and oral doctoral comprehensive examinations based on course work and on the Department's reading list.
  • Write and successfully defend a dissertation. Students are formally considered doctoral candidates after passing the comprehensive examinations and the acceptance of a dissertation proposal

Please keep in mind that if you intend to graduate you must notify the graduate program director early on in the semester of graduation. Graduation is also contingent upon following the policies and procedures of the graduation office. The student must submit to them an online graduation application within the required time frame before the deadline is passed.

Please note:

All changes to the students' academic record need to be completed prior to the awarding of the degree.

Completing a graduation application, or attending commencement, does not imply a student has earned a diploma.

The Commencement information will be available on the web at http:/ If you are planning on attending, please return the confirmation form inside the Guide by the deadline date.

For more information please contact the Graduation office at (305) 348-2341 or online at