Professional Certificate in French Language and Culture

The Professional Certicate in French Language and Culture provides students with a broad knowledge and cultural foundation necessary for understanding the culture and society of France. One cannot really understand the culture without being exposed to the language that is shaping it and one cannot understand the political and economic dynamics of a society without knowing its cultural foundations. The cornerstone of the Certicate is an expertise in French Language and Culture.

The program is available to degree-seeking students and independently to non-degree seeking students who already have a Bachelor's degree. The Certicate in French Language and Culture is awarded by the Department of Modern Languages at FIU.
  • Required Credits (19)

    The professional certificate in French Language and Culture requires 19 credits.

    Core Course from the following (1 credit):

    • FRE 2270 Foreign Study (1)
    • FRE 3781 Intermediate French Phonetics (1)

    Required language courses from the following (9 credits):

    • FRE 2200 Intermediate French (3)
    • FRE 2241 Intermediate French Conversation (3)
    • FRE 3441 Advanced Business French (3)
    • FRE 3410 Advanced French Conversation (3)
    • FRE 3420 Review Grammar and Writing I (3)

    Elective Culture Courses from the following (9 credits):

    • FRE 3421 Review/Grammar Writing II (3)
    • FRE 3413 Communication Arts (3)
    • FRE 3504 French Language and Culture (3)
    • FRE 3780 French Phonetics (3)
    • FRE 4390 French Cinema (3)
    • FRE 4501 Contemporary French Society (3)
    • FRE 4503 La Francophonie (3)
    • FRW 3101 Introduction to Francophone Literature and Cultural Studies (3)

    Additional FRE and FRW courses may be eligible with permission of the Director or French and Francophone Studies.
If you are interested in adding this certificate to your program, or would like more information, please contact the Certificate Program Director, Dr. Pascale Becel at