Professional Certificate in Spanish Language

Maida Watson, Director, Modern Languages

Certificate Description: The Professional Certificate in Spanish Language provides degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students the necessary language skills for designated professional purposes such as business, healthcare, hospitality, and translation, increasing their intercultural competencies to be prepared for success in a global economy.


I. Required Courses: The following sequences are required except for students who demonstrate an equivalent language proficiency through examination.

For non-heritage speakers, the following sequence is advised:

SPN 2201Intermediate Spanish II (Non-native speakers)3


SPN 3301Review Grammar/Writing3

For heritage speakers, the following sequence is advised:

SPN 2340Intermediate Spanish for Native Speakers3


SPN 3443Advanced Spanish for Native Speakers3

II. Elective Courses: With program advisor’s approval, 12 credits may be taken from the following list. This is a partial list. Students should consult the certificate advisor regarding additional courses that may be submitted.

SPN 3010Language Skills for Professional Personnel3
SPN 3031Intermediate Spanish for Medical Personnel3
SPN 3401Advanced Conversation3
SPN 3410Advanced Oral Communication3
SPN 3413Communication Arts3
SPN 3422Advanced Grammar and Composition I3
SPN 3440Spanish Business Composition/Correspondence3
SPN 3444Spanish for Business in Latin America3
SPN 4520Latin America American Culture - GL course3
SPN 4500Spanish Culture3
SPN 4521Topics on Latin American Culture3
SPT 4803Practica in Legal Translation3
SPT 4804Practica in Legal Interpretation3
SPT 4805Translation in Communication Media3
SPT 4807Practica in Business Translation3
SPT 4809Practica in Medical Translation3
SPT 4830Interpreting for Business3