Certificate in Portuguese and Brazilian Language and Culture

This certificate, which is only granted to degree-seeking students, is offered as an alternative to the Portuguese major. It equips students who have majors/minors in other departments with highly satisfactory competence in Portuguese and a positive understanding of Brazilian culture.

Our program offers some special features for majors, minors, and certificate students. It also offers the opportunity to obtain a proficiency certificate administered by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture—FIU is one of only three authorized examination centers in the United States. Additionally, it has an active Brazilian Club and an excellent collection of books and other learning materials.

  • Required Credits

    1. Basic Language: (10 credits)

    POR 3202 Accelerated Portuguese I5
    POR 3233 Accelerated Portuguese II5

    2. Core courses: (3 credits)

    POR 2200 Intermediate Portuguese3
    POR 3400 Advanced Oral Communication3
    POW 3284 Brazilian Short Story3
    POR 3420 Review Grammar and Writing I3


    POR 3421 Review Grammar and Writing II3

    3. Elective Courses: (3 credits)

    POR 3440 Business Portuguese3
    POR 3500 Luso-Brazilian Culture (GL)3
    POW 4480 20th Century Brazilian Novel3
    POW 4701 Masterworks of Brazilian Literature3

    4. Elective Course - Out-of-Department Offerings: (3 credits)

    LAH 2020 Latin American Civilization3
    LAH 4600 History of Brazil3
    ECS 3401 The Brazilian Economy3
    LIN 3013 General Linguistics3