Recent Graduates

The graduates from the Translation and Interpretation program have achieved wide recognition within the field. For example, out of the thirty six certified interpreters working full-time at Miami's 11th Circuit court right now, thirteen are FIU T&I graduates. Numerous other students have passed court or medical certification exams and are working as successful freelance interpreters. Some others decide to take the ATA exam and they are passing in record numbers. We are extremely proud of our T&I graduates!


The program at FIU taught me the foundations and skills needed to be a successful and competent interpreter. I constantly receive compliments for my professionalism and precise use of terms and phrases.

Monica Corbet
Staff Interpreter
State of Florida Department of Labor

I'm a graduate of the program - Translation 2008 - and I'm currently a full-time translator at Telemundo Network, a job I got thanks to the FIU internship. I learned a great deal in all of the program's classes, even the interpretation classes even though I wasn't planning on interpreting for a living. All the professors were wonderful and I can pinpoint things I learned with them to actual moments in my translation work since then. I would highly recommend the program to anyone.

Angela Castaño
FIU class of 2008

I was a student in the Portuguese T/I program and I received my certificate in 2009. The course helped me start a new career. The theory as well as in class practice were of extreme importance because when I walked into an interpreter setting, I knew exactly what to do and what to expect. Business translation, which I took with Karen Borgenheimer was crucial for all the document translations I have done. The internship is a must, not only to learn the ropes, but to have a contact. I interned with Precision and they have hired me as a freelance interpreter numerous times. Dr. Jensen has also recommended me for jobs, as well as Karen. So having the contact with people in the field is great.

FIU helped me jump start a new career and I am eternally grateful!

Thanks, Juliana Pavageau
Former FIU's T&I Student

I think the program has helped me a lot mostly because the professor Karen has kept me involved with information about the seminar about translation and making friends with other translator members of ATIF.

I think it is great encouragement to involve students that sure makes a difference and also I will try to make it back to the program taking a class in the fall.

Kind Regards,
Gloria Rodriguez

I like the program, I think it's great. Since I enrolled, I have learned quite a lot. The program has prepared me to work as a professional translator, and be able to offer a better service to my clients.

Romina Garcia,
Student at FIU’s T&I Program