Prospective Students

First time at FIU?

- You can find information regarding registration forms, fees, and schedules on the You can find information regarding registering, enrolling, adding, and dropping courses on the Web. Keep in mind that Translation & Interpretation courses begin with the SPT prefix.

- For tuition purposes, if you are a Florida resident, please make certain to provide copies of the following: Driver's License, Vehicle Registration, Voter Registration, Resident Alien Card, or other document showing your Florida address going back at least one year. Find more information or contact the Registrar's Office directly at (305) 348-2320.

- If you only want to complete 15 credits as non-degree-seeking student, complete the Non-Degree Seeking Student Application Form and submit directly to the Registrar's Office. You will not get the certificate, but you can get invaluable training in translation and interpreting.

Tuition: Find more information about tuition costs here.

Applications should be sent to or by mail to the following address:

María Gómez
T&I Program Director, DM484
Florida International University
Miami, FL 33199

Further Information

Registrar's Office(305) 348-2320
Financial Aid(305) 348-7272
Admissions Office(305) 348-2363
Modern Languages(305) 348-2851