Master of Arts in Spanish

General Information:

The Department of Modern Languages offers a variety of opportunities for advanced study. The graduate programs in Hispanic Literature are intended to prepare students to become first-rate scholars and teachers. The Master of Arts in Spanish focuses on Peninsular literature and Spanish American literature, including the literature written by Hispanics in the United States.

Upon entering the program, students will be assigned an academic adviser. All M.A. students must pass written and oral comprehensive examinations at the end of their course work.

Description of the Program:

The Master's degree program consists of 33 semester hours of graduate level work. A maximum of six credits of graduate course work may be transferred into the program from other institutions, subject to the approval of the departmental graduate committee. Six core courses and three elective courses are required at the 5000- and 6000-level. Some courses have prerequisites which do not count toward the degree.

Course Distribution

Core Courses (18 credits)

  • SPW 5806 Methods of literary research
  • FOL 5943 Foreign Language Teaching Methodology
  • One course in either Medieval Spanish literature or literature of the Golden Age.
  • One course in peninsular Spanish literature of the 19th or the 20th centuries.
  • Two courses in Spanish American literature (colonial or 20th-century)


A student must take at least nine graduate credits of electives, as follows: 3 in Spanish or Spanish American literature, and 6 from one or more of the following areas: Spanish or Spanish American literature, Linguistics, or Spanish/Spanish American Culture.

Independent Studies

Students who want to conduct research in a very specialized field with a particular faculty member will be allowed to register for a 3-credit independent study course. No more than one such independent study will be allowed for the whole period of graduate studies. Under no circumstances will a student be authorized to take a regularly-taught course as an independent study. Independent studies are envisioned as an opportunity for students to carry out specialized research, not as a substitute for regular courses.

Students are encouraged to take courses in methods of language teaching.