Chinese Club

FIU's Chinese Club strives to help FIU students be exposed to the wonder and beauty of China, including its people, customs, and language. It will be a valuable supplement to Chinese courses and provide a fun-filled environment with encouraged use of Mandarin for dramatically increased retention and fluency. Chinese Club holds many different events and programs as resources for students to learn more about the language and culture of China.

Along with this, each year Chinese Club hosts the Lunar New Year Gala with other East Asian clubs as participants, giving chances to students to enjoy Chinese and East Asian Culture through language and culture presentations and activities. It is an event open to the entire FIU community to bring more Chinese enrichment events to FIU and learn more about Chinese culture.

Check out the Chinese Club on Instagram!

Chinese has an Instagram page dedicated to all our events. Our club's goal is to expose students to the wonder and beauty of China including its people, their customs, and their language through tutoring and events!