Korean Language Empowerment Club

FIU's Korean Language Empowerment Club (KLEC) strives to help FIU students of Korean language to develop and practice their language skills. KLEC holds many different events and programs as resources for students to learn more about the language and culture of Korea. For one of these programs, the leaders and senior members serve as volunteer tutors to beginner-level students, and in this way also prepare new club leaders.

Along with this, each year KLEC co-sponsors the Korean Language and Culture Festival, giving chances to students to use Korean language through language and culture presentations and activities. It is an event that is open to the entire FIU community to bring more Korean enrichment events to FIU and learn more about Korean culture.

For more information,  please visit the Korean Language Empowerment Club or email the club at kleceboard@gmail.com


Check out the KLEC on Instagram!

The KLEC has an Instagram page dedicated to all our events. Our club's goal is to strengthen your Korean language skills through tutoring and events!