Support Staff

Claudia Battistel, Ph.D

Claudia Battistel, Ph.D, Manager of Administrative Services


Phone: (305) 348-2823

Dr. Claudia Battistel was trained as a corporate lawyer in Venezuela. Dr. Battistel is also a Certified Translator, she holds an MA in Spanish Literature, and a PH. D in Spanish from Florida International University. Dr. Battistel's motivation for pursuing a career in higher education administration stems from her passion for education and the university experience. She has been part of the FIU community and the Department of Modern Languages since 2014.

Lauren Padron, B.A.

Lauren Padron, B.A., Office Administrative Assistant


Phone: (305) 348-2851

Lauren Padron has worked for the Department of Modern Languages since she was a student at Florida International University. She recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from FIU with a Bachelor's degree, and plans on obtaining a Master's degree in History.