Bachelor of Arts in Global Languages, Cultures and Literatures (EFFECTIVE FALL 2022)


The GLCL degree is designed to prepare students for graduate school (i.e., in the humanities, social sciences, education) and professional schools (i.e., journalism, law) or careers in education, translation/interpretation, foreign service, and international business. It will also be a competitive advantage for those students seeking careers that require advanced communication skills in foreign languages as well as critical thinking and a cross-cultural understanding of today’s globalized world. Beyond the attainment of multilingual competencies, the program prepares students to become engaged global citizens, capable of navigating the multicultural environments of today’s world. They will become more sensitive to cultural difference and better at approaching issues from multiple perspectives.

About this Program

The Global Languages, Cultures and Literatures B.A. degree allows for a customized curriculum through which students can explore one or two language specializations within the following majors:

French and Francophone Studies
Portuguese and Lusophone Studies
Dual Language (through the combination of any two of the following language areas: Chinese, French, German, Haitian Creole, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese).

Requirements (36 credit hours)

All students will take the following common core courses (9 credit hours):

  1. FOL 3881 Languages and Technology (3). Introduces students to technologies for the study, preservation, and exploration of people’s language, culture, and experiences.
  2. LIN 3010 General Linguistics (3). Examination and synthesis of the concepts and perspectives of major contributions to language theory. Equivalent to SPN 3733.
  3. Language-Area-Focused Culture Course (3). Culture course descriptions provided within each language area below.

One concentration (French and Francophone Studies or Portuguese and Lusophone Studies)

  • Prerequisites: Must demonstrate proficiency by testing or completion of intermediate level of the target language. 9 credit hours of core courses 27 credit hours at the 3000 and 4000 level language, culture, literature or film (24 credit hours should be taken in the target language).

Two concentrations (Dual Languages track):

  • Prerequisites: Must demonstrate proficiency by testing or completion of intermediate level of the first language and beginning level (first two-semester sequence) of the second language.
  • 9 credit hours of core courses
  • 27 credit hours distributed between first and second languages

A minimum of 24 out of the 36 credit hours of Major Requirements must be taken in the target language(s)

  • Internship: an internship option is available to interested students. Students enroll in a formal class for zero to three credits. With advisor approval, internship credits may count as an elective in the major. FOL 3940 Internship in Foreign Language (0-3)

Academic Learning Compacts: The Board of Governors requires that every undergraduate program provide its students with academic learning outcomes and inform them of the program's mission. During the course of their studies, French and Francophone Studies majors must be aware that they will be required to take part in assessment activities.