Minor in Translation Studies

In order to obtain an academic minor in General Translation Studies, a student takes 12 semester hours in translation/interpretation courses (FOT, FRT, or SPT prefix), with grades of B or better, and nine additional hours in courses of immediate relevance to the program, to be approved by the Director of the T&I Program. Normally these will be selected from among offerings in Political Science, Economics, International Relations, Sociology, Anthropology, Computer Science or Modern Languages. At least two of them should be taken outside of Modern Languages. Courses in basic and intermediate instruction shall not be counted for the minor.

Students interested in the Minor in Translation Studies must fill out this form.

Core Courses: (Take both - Offered every Spring and Fall semesters - 6 credits)\ SPT 3800 Foundations of Translation 3
SPT 3812 Foundations of Interpreting 3

Required Courses (Select any 2 - Offered every other year - 6 credits)
SPT 4803 Legal Translation 3
SPT 4804 Legal Interpretation 3
SPT 4805 Translation in Communication Media 3
SPT 4806 Oral Skills for Interpreters 3
SPT 4807 Business Translation 3
SPT 4808 Technological Translation 3
SPT 4809 Medical Translation 3
SPT 4813 The Interpreter and Language 3
SPT 4814 Conference Interpreting 3
SPT 4820 Computer Aided Translation 3
SPT 4940 Judicial T&I Internship 3
SPT 4941 Professional T&I Internship 3
SPT 4942 Medical Interpreting 3

For more information, please contact Dr. María Gómez at gomezm@fiu.edu.