Study Abroad - FIU in Angers, France

FIU à Angers, France Summer Program

Every summer B during the month of July, the Department, in conjunction with FIU’s Office of Education Abroad, offers a full-immersion study program at the Université Catholique de l'Ouest, located in the Loire Valley in the town of Angers, about an hour and half from Paris by TGV high-speed train.

This immersion program is for University students who have completed at least 5 hours of college level French (Basic French I), or have the equivalent proficiency in French, and is especially designed for beginning French majors and minors.

In Angers students live with a French family, where they have breakfast and dinner, thus providing the opportunity to speak French every day from morning to night. Students are on their own for lunch, but Angers has many boulangeries and cafés that can provide an inexpensive lunch and another occasion to use French daily in real-life situations.

In Angers, students attend daily classes in French taught by local native French professors at the Université Catholique de l'Ouest. On three weekends, there is a full-day excursion to some part of Western France: Mont Saint Michel and Saint Malo, Chateaux of the Loire Valley, and Normandy Invasion Beaches.

Students register for six hours of FIU study abroad credit (one grammar course and one conversation/culture course). Students are limited to only six hours since the program is only one month long.

Students just finishing Basic French II receive credit for the following courses:

  • FRE 2200 (Intermediate French) and FRE 2241 (Intermediate Conversation)

Beginning French majors generally take:

  • FRE 3420 (Review Grammar/Writing I) and FRE 3410 (Advanced conversation)

More advanced student can be given credit for:

  • FRE 3421 (Review Grammar/Writing II) and FRE 3504 (Language and Culture)

Very advanced students may receive credit for:

  • FRE 4422 (Review Grammar/Writing III) and FRE 3504 (Language and Culture)

Applications come out at the end of Fall Semester, with an application deadline of early March. If this program sounds like something you would like to do next summer, we can put you on our e-mail update list.

For more information, please contact Dr. Pascale Becel at

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