Beyond Spanish Classes

Qingdao Students come in Second Position in a National Dubbing in Spanish Contest 


Spanish podcast SE HABLA ESPAÑOL. Click the link and have a listen!

Professor Jose Morcillo Gomez along with 60 student volunteers produce the first ever podcast radio channel in Spanish from Qingdao University.


Cine Club en español. 电影西班牙语.

Twice a month FIU-QU hosts a Hispanic film screening with Chinese subtitles opened to everyone. These film screenings take place throughout the city of Qingdao. If you would like updates on future screenings, scan the WeChat QR code and it will link you to the WeChat Cine Club group thread.


El día más corto: a Spanish short film festival. 青岛西班牙微电影节.

The first ever Spanish short film festival in Qingdao was hosted in December 2017 by FIU-QU and the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Spain and supported by REDSTAR. Click the link for a featured article on the event.