Minor in Italian Language and Culture

A student majoring in another discipline may earn an academic minor in Italian Language and Culture. ITA 1130 and ITA 1131 (Beginning Italian I and II) are prerequisites. The minor consists of 18 credits of courses in Italian.

Required Courses

ITA 2200Intermediate Italian3
ITA 2240Intermediate Conversation3
ITA 3420Review Grammar/Writing I3
ITA 3421Review Grammar/Writing II3
ITA 3410Advanced Conversation3

And one of the following courses (3 credits):

ITA 2441Italian for Business3
ITA 3392Italian Cinema 1945-19703
ITA 3500Italian Culture and Society3
ITA 3403From the Venetian Masks to the Commedia dell'Arte3
ITA 4930Special Topics3


In order to add a Minor in Italian Language and Culture, students must complete and submit this form.