Minor in French Language and Culture

Prerequisites for French Minor (16 hours)

You may begin to work toward the French minor once you have completed the lower division courses of FRE 1130, FRE 1131 (Basic French), FRE 2200 AND FRE 2241 (Intermediate French and French Conversation) or the equivalent. You must be able to understand courses that are taught entirely in French.

Requirements for French Minor (18 hours)

  • two grammar courses (FRE 3420, FRE 3421, FRE 4422)
  • one conversation course (FRE 3410, FRE 3413, FRE 3504)
  • one phonetics course (FRE 3780)
  • one civilization course (FRE 3504, FRE3500, FRE4501, FRE 4390, FRE 4391)
  • one elective in French literature or linguistics

Suggested Course of Study

Generally, a student thinking about doing a minor in French should begin by taking the following three courses after completion of the prerequisites:

  • FRE 3420 Review Grammar Writing I
  • FRE 3410 Advanced French Conversation
  • FRE 3780 French Phonetics

Students should try to take their second grammar course (usually FRE 3421) as soon as possible, since good writing skills are required in the elective and civilization courses.

Should you have further questions about a minor in French, or questions about specific courses in French, contact the Department in DM 480 or call 305-348-2851.

In order to add Minor in French, students must complete and submit this form.