Minor in Japanese Language and Literature

Required Credits for a Minor in Japanese Language and Literature

A student majoring in another discipline may earn an academic Minor in Japanese Language and Literature. JPN 1130 (Japanese I), JPN 1131 (Japanese II), JPN 2200 (Intermediate Japanese I), and JPN 2201 (Intermediate Japanese II) are pre-requisites. The minor itself consists of 18 credits of Japanese courses at the advanced level.

Required courses (15 credits)

JPN 3242 Intermediate Japanese Conversation

JPN 3243 Advanced Japanese Composition

JPN 3400 Advanced Japanese I

JPN 3401 Advanced Japanese II

JPT 3521 Japanese Literature and Cinema

Elective Courses (Select 1 course: 3 credits):

JPN 3412 Advanced Japanese Conversation

JPN 4930 Special Topics in Japanese

JPW 4130 Reading Japanese Literature

JPW 4131 Reading Japanese Non-Fiction

JPW 4132 Reading and Translating Japanese Literature

Other courses may be accepted with the approval of the Japanese Program Coordinator, Asuka Mashav.

In order to add a Minor in Japanese, students must complete and submit this form.