Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese (33 Credits)


As of Fall 2022, new students should declare their major in (French and Francophone Studies or Portuguese and Lusophone Studies) under the new Bachelor of Arts in Global Languages, Cultures, and Literatures.


POR 3202 Accelerated Portuguese I5
POR 3233 Accelerated Portuguese II5
POR 2200 Intermediate Portuguese3

Students admitted into the program must have 60 semester hours, including all lower-division requirements. They must also have a basic command of written and spoken Portuguese, equivalent to the courses listed above. These courses may not count as credits toward the major or minor. Students with competence in Portuguese but without the formal credits will be evaluated for placement. Instructors may waive the prerequisite of POR 2200 for students who demonstrate a satisfactory written and oral intermediate proficiency in Portuguese testing.


All majors in the department are required to take 33 semester hours of credit toward the major. At least 27 of these must be in Portuguese (POR, POW, PRT prefixes); POR courses below 3400, which are basic language instruction, do not count. 6 credits may be upper-division courses in second language acquisition, linguistics, culture and translation. Courses focusing on Brazil, Portugal or Lusophone Africa offered by other departments may also count.

Suggested Courses:

POR 3400 Advanced Oral Communication3
POR 3420 Review Grammar/Writing I3
POR 3421 Review Grammar/Writing II3
POR 3440 Portuguese for Business3
POR 3500 Luso-Brazilian Culture (GL)3
POW 3284 Brazilian Short Story3
PRT 3401 Portuguese Literature in Translation3
PRT 3510 Witnessing War in Lusophone Cultures (GL)3
POW 3337 Cultural Representations of Brazilian Cities3
POW 4390 Brazilian Cinema3
POW 4391 Brazilian Cinema and Human Rights3
POW 4480 20th Century Brazilian Novel3
POW 4701 Masterworks of Brazilian Literature3

Suggested electives:

LAH 2020 Latin American Civilization3
LAH 4600 History of Brazil3
ECS 3401 The Brazilian Economy3
LIN 3013 General Linguistics3