Certificate in Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture Studies

Augusta Vono, Director, Modern Languages

This certificate, which is only granted to degree-seeking students, is offered as an alternative to the Portuguese major. It equips students who have majors/minors in other departments with highly satisfactory competence in Portuguese and a positive understanding of Brazilian culture.

Our program offers some special features for majors, minors, and certificate students: A regular summer-time study abroad in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; the opportunity to obtain a proficiency certificate administered by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture—FIU is one of only three authorized examination centers in the United States; an active Brazilian Club; and a nascent Resource Center offering an excellent collection of books and other learning materials.

Required Credits

1. Basic Language: (10 credits)

POR 3202 Accelerated Portuguese I 5
POR 3233 Accelerated Portuguese II 5

2. Core courses: (9 credits)

POR 2200 Intermediate Portuguese 3
POR 3400 Advanced Oral Communication 3
POW 3284 Brazilian Short Story 3
POR 3420 Review Grammar and Writing I 3


POR 3421 Review Grammar and Writing II 3

3. Elective Courses: (3 credits)

POR 3440 Business Portuguese 3
POR 3500 Luso-Brazilian Culture (GL) 3
POW 4480 20th Century Brazilian Novel 3
POW 4701 Masterworks of Brazilian Literature 3

4. Elective Course - Out-of-Department Offerings: (3 credits)

LAH 2020 Latin American Civilization 3
LAH 4600 History of Brazil 3
ECS 3401 The Brazilian Economy 3
LIN 3013 General Linguistics 3

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